Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Who is considered for enrollment?
A.  The Institute offers a unique educational experience for intellectually disabled adults no longer eligible to attend public school programs and seeking other options for services. Enrollment is not condition or ability specific.

Q.  Is transportation provided?
A. The Institute does not provide transportation to and from school. SLI staff members utilize two 15-passenger vans to transport students to offsite activities during the school day.

Q.  Is there a fee to attend?
A.  Yes. The Institute is privately funded, receiving no funding from local, state, or federal government sources. In order to provide our services, a monthly fee is assessed for each student. The Board of Trustees annually determines the monthly tuition rate.

Q.  Is there aid for those who can't afford the monthly fee?
A.  Scholarship funds are available on a limited basis. A reduced rate structure may be offered based upon individual circumstances.

Q.  What geographical area is served?
A.  The Institute primarily serves residents of La Porte County, however enrollment to those outside the county is not restricted.

Q.  Is this facility accessible?
A.  The Institute is clearly marked for parking, has cement ramps to access the front and rear entrances, and maintains three ADA compliance restrooms.

Q.  Are all the students on the same level?
A.  No. Each student has special needs that are unique and require different plans and goals.

Q.  How do you prepare an individual for higher level programming?
A.  The Institute's goal is teaching a variety of useful skills to enable less dependence and the ability to function easily in the community.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 

10:00 am to 3:00 pm